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How it works
How it works

Register with Mulch2garden to find free mulch deliveries near your location.  Just sign-up as a gardener and complete the request form along with any delivery instructions.

When you order free mulch be aware of the following:

Mulch materials

  • Mulch consistency/type of wood chips will vary from load to load.
  • Normal delivery loads will vary from 10-30 yards+
  • You can request a smaller amount (custom load), and we ask the arborists to do their best effort to meet the guidelines. These requests are more challenging for many arborists to accommodate. Therefore, we allow you to include a donation for such requests. However, a donation is not required.

Mulch delivery location?

  • Arborist do their best to follow the delivery instructions. If the delivery isn’t possible due to space or local laws you will be notified.

Currently we are in a pre-launch mode as arborists sign-up for the service and gardeners request mulch. This will impact timelines to receive your mulch.

Please feel free to email us at for any additional help.