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Arborist details

Signing-up as a new supplier to find the most convenient mulch (wood chip) drop sites is simple:

Initially register as a vendor. Also, don’t forget to review our terms of service.

Free mulch

The Arborist delivery process is simple (quick steps)

First, find the appropriate delivery site in your area

example of a request on the map

Then, commit to the delivery

Next, contact the home owner via email or text

Finally, deliver the mulch (wood chips), ultimately confirming with the gardener.

Does it cost anything to use the platform?

Currently the service for free to use for arborists. Therefore, just select the free trial offer during the registration.

What about after the trial?

We are currently supporting the site by donations from gardeners. In the future if we add fees arborists can earn credits (based on donations paid by homeowners) to help pay offset any charges. Therefore, these credits will be available for to offset any future delivery charges.

First, you will see gardener request: = 0 credits, $=1 credit, $$=2 credits, and $$$= 3 credits. The example here shows you get credit for 3 future delivers by accepting this order.

Homeowner concerns– We request that arborists follow our guidelines as spelled out in the terms of service. Of course, our goal is to maintain a strong customer experience. We reserve the right to cancel arborists anytime.

Please see our guidelines https://www.mulch2garden about how our Arborists and Homeowners should work together and what should be done if there is a dispute between the Arborist and Homeowner.

We can also be reached at