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Connection for free mulch deliveries
Gardeners, you can request free mulch (wood chips) deliveries quick and easy. As a result, you can avoid costly delivery fees. We offer a connection for free mulch deliveries. Also, Arborists, you can connect with the nearest gardeners requesting mulch. Therefore, you can avoid extra trips to landfills.

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Mulch2Garden for Gardeners To optimize your garden potential remember to use mulch to build-up the soil and retain water. As a result, your garden thrive even in the most challenging climates. We remove the high costs associated with having mulch delivered to your house! We improve the environment by reducing fuel consumption! We create a way to recycle the amazing trees in the local neighborhoods where they belong..not the landfills! Learn More
Mulch2Garden for Arborists
Arborists- we connect you with local gardeners in your neighborhood asking for mulch. - Service more customers by avoiding unneeded trips to the landfill - Reduce fuel consumption for each job - Improve operational efficiencies by finding drop sites are quickly Learn More
What are the benefits? Mulch is extremely valuable for building gardens. It helps gardens retain moisture. Secondly, mulch is critical to build up the needed nutrients in the soil. Learn More
What others think
Chris K.
verified ownerverified owner

It feels a bit uncomfortable to pay upfront for a product that might arrive much later. In the end it worked out fine and took about a month.

6 days ago
verified ownerverified owner

The chips were dropped behind my neighbors house instead of mine. If I had received a phone call knowing that they were here , I could’ve helped guide them to the correct address. I’m glad they’re here though. Thank you

1 week ago
verified ownerverified owner

We probably won't use this service again or recommend it. Half of the mulch smelled like it had been decomposing at the bottom of the truck for a while and the other half looked and smelled a lot better but it had a lot of grass clippings mixed in.

1 week ago
Carrie A.
verified ownerverified owner

Mulch was delivered within 1 week. My only complaint is they delivered sooo much. Im trying to get all my neighbors to take some home with them!

1 week ago
Sam Adelman
verified ownerverified owner

Great service. Happy to have chips for the garden.

2 weeks ago